[into into] is a profound fashion brand with deep philosophy and inspiration, which lies far from the borders of generally accepted beauty and fashion in its common perception.

The endless source of impact on the designs is derived from nature itself, as well as physics, as a mean of communication with the planet Earth for a better understanding of currents and torrents it hides.

There are three developed chapters, each contains items, that were inspired by different physical-based experiments, facts and materials.

Chapter 1: currents

Chapter 2: magmetic

Chapter 3: crystallization

These are three facets of one brand. Their titles, sequence, and inspiration were thoroughly considered to illustrate the nature and base of the [into into] brand.

Apart from this physical core of the brand, the fine jewelry line [capsule collections] [Ring [reversed] and Ears|Ears] was launched in 2016

Using traditional jewelry materials [fine metals and precious stones], [into into] flips traditional understanding of jewelry construction on its head. By growing the product range, we aim to reach out more art niches to extend brand's mystic and surreal vision of beauty and art.